Antennax - The Ultra Low-Loss Coaxial Cable Range

The Antennax™ range of 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm coax cables provide ultra-low loss performance from the transceiver to antenna, aerial or dish. Developed for Land Mobile Radio (LMR), microwave, satellite, VSAT and communications, this range is a very high-quality alternative to Times Microwave Systems LMR® and the Andrew Cinta® range.

The ANT range includes alternatives to LMR including LMR-195, LMR-195-FR, LMR-200, LMR-200-FR, LMR-240, LMR-240-FR, LMR-300-FR, LMR-400, LMR-400-FR, LMR-400-75-FR, LMR-600-75-FR LMR-500, LMR-500-FR, LMR-600 and LMR-600-FR. They also offer as alternatives to the CNT range for CNT-195, CNT-195-FR, CNT-240, CNT-240-FR, CNT-300, CNT-300-FR, CNT-400, CNT-400-FR, CNT-600 and CNT-600-FR.

Featuring a foil and braid screen delivers high levels of electrical protection while the foamed PE dielectric and flexible outer jacket ensure the bending and handling characteristics are not compromised. 

Both 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm versions can be used on a range of different applications from LMR, mobile phone transmitters and satellite antennas to marine satellite systems, Wi-Fi, military and terrestrial microwave.

LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) versions conform to European fire safety standards and are flame retardant, making them the ideal choice for use on rigs, ships, In tunnels and public buildings where safety is paramount. PE sheaths are also offered for installations where the cables may be more exposed. Ideal for either indoor or outdoor installations, these rugged sheaths provide excellent water resistance, UV stability as well as extra durability.

For the complete solution, a wide range of connectivity options are available including N-Type, TNC, BNC and F-Type, SMA, Right Angle and Reverse polarity connectors and termination tools.

The Antennax Ultra Low-Loss Coaxial Cables brochure contains technical data and cross-reference charts on the entire range. If you would like a copy, simply email your details to and we'll pop one in the post to you. Alternatively, download the brochure by clicking here.

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