Flare Stack Ignition Cable, Arkutun Dagi Field, Sakhalin – Russia

5 March 2013
Working the Arkutun Dagi Field off Sakhalin in Russia presents its own unique set of challenges, with winter temperatures regularly dropping below -40°C any equipment needs to be tough to stand up to the job. This was only one of the concerns when FSCG were asked to provide a flare stack ignition cable for use on the Sakhalin 1 project. In addition to the savage winter conditions the cable would also be subjected to temperature above +200°C in a hydrocarbon rich environment. [More]

Fibre Optic Solution for BP Sangachal Expansion Programme

29 January 2013
As part of the BP Sangachal Expansion Programme, Sigma Technical Services were awarded a supply and installation contract for a communications fibre optic link around the terminal. Common with most oil & gas installations a special design cable was required to meet the unique installation environment. Based on our expertise in the field and long term relationship with Sigma Technical Services, FSC Global was asked to propose a cable solution. [More]

Marine Grade Foundation Fieldbus Type A Cable, BP Clair Ridge Project

4 October 2012
FSC Global was contacted by BP & AMEC engineers to provide a Foundation Fieldbus type A cable suitable for the Clair Ridge project. Like many offshore applications the environment is harsh due to the infamous North Sea weather and the high likelihood of chemical contamination. AMEC invited FSC Global to the project based on the successful supply of MUD Resistant Profibus, Modbus & Video cables for the BP Valhall Platform, also in the North Sea [More]

Case Study - Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

1 November 2011
The Mater Dei Hospital is being built by the Maltese Government to provide up to the minute medical treatment with the minimum of environmental impact, making it one of Europe's leading environmentally friendly Hospitals. [More]

Case Study - Cabling the World Cup 2010

22 January 2011
With most large infrastructure projects the pressure to finish on time builds towards the end, the Gautrain rail development in South Africa was no exception. Completing the rail link between Johannesburg and Pretoria was vital to transport thousands of people to the World’s greatest football competition. It was also the most complex part of the project due to the extended underground sections. To meet the stringent safety requirements armoured power cables had been specified to BS6387, a world leading standard in fire resistant cabling. The construction consortium had some major problems, the cables were not familiar, they were not available locally and they were needed fast. [More]

Case Study - AGIP KCO Kashagan Barges

18 July 2010
The Kashagan island developments in the Caspian Sea are breaking new ground in oil & gas extraction. With high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide gas, a high pressure reservoir and savage weather conditions, safety is a huge concern. To facilitate this evacuation barges are to be on 24 hour standby in case of an emergency situation. [More]

Case Study - Dubai Airwing Facility

3 September 2009
The Dubai Airwing Facility is a prestigious development to Dubai’s International Airport incorporating hangars for Royal aircraft parking (eight in total), baggage handling, new operations centre and a specialised horse transfer facility. As with all airport buildings fire safety is paramount and this development is no exception. To aid monitoring and evacuation if disaster does strike, a fire resistant, halogen free coax cable was specified to maintain CCTV transmission for a minimum of 3 hours. [More]

Case Study - Jubail Expert Refinery Project

12 May 2009
Petrochemical refinery projects often combine the talents of many companies from around the world. This can result in equipment manufactured to different international standards being used and a variety of bespoke solutions. The Jubail Expert Refinery project was no exception, the joint venture between Saudi Aramco & Total resulted in a mixture of British and French cable standards being combined to produce hybrid specifications. The instrumentation cables required 0.88mm2 conductors, screening, steel wire armours and hydrocarbon resistant sheathing. [More]

Case Study - Dragon LNG Conversion Wales 2007

29 April 2008
The Dragon LNG site is being constructed in Milford Haven to enable the import and storage of Liquefied Natural Gas. Until 1997 the site was used as an oil refinery, as a result some areas of the site suffer from sub-surface hydrocarbon contamination. The conversion requires substantial electrical works and re-wiring. Traditional methods of using lead sheathing to provide hydrocarbon resistance are not acceptable due to it’s high environmental impact and cost in production of the cables. [More]

Case Study - Gobustan Fields Gas Development

15 August 2006
GOC are developing a new condensate extraction facility. The field is due to start pumping late December 2005 and there is still lots of installation work to be completed. The electrical work is being carried out by several different companies based in Canada, Azerbaijan and the U.K. working as a joint venture. With time differences, varying working practices and a lack of equipment to install, the pressure is on. [More]