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Customers within the UK are offered a full sales service by our dedicated team at FS Cables.

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Antennax Cables & Connectors

The Antennax range of high performance, ultra low loss coaxial cables is designed primarily for the interconnection of base stations, aerials and transceivers. Developed for microwave, satellite and telecommunication, Antennax coax cables are manufactued to guarantee optimum levels of performance across the broadband spectrum to 5.83GHz.

The new Antennax website includes detailed technical information on the range of cables and their specifically designed connectors.

To view the dedicated Antennax website visit    

The Niltox Range

Niltox is the range of high performance Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) cables from FSC Global.

Encompassing a variety of cables such as data, power, signal and control, Niltox is ideal for electrical installations in public buildings and computer rooms where personnel or sensitive equipment is at risk during a fire.

Niltox cables are LSHF throughout – insulation and sheath, meaning they don’t give off noxious gases when burnt. Traditional PVC cables give off harmful halogens during combustion which can be deadly to both people and machinery.

The Niltox cables meet IEC 61034-2 smoke emission standard and are zero halogen rated under IEC 60754-1&2 halogen gas evolution tests ensuring safety on every installation. 

Niltox Cables Online ia a dedicated website which offers a comprehensive guide to the cable range with technical and application data.

For further information on the Niltox range of cables and to visit Niltox Cables Online please click here.