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Tri-Barrier Hydrocarbon Resistant Cables

The Dragon site in Milford Haven has been converted into a Liquefied Natural Gas import and storage facility. Until 1997 the site was used as an oil refinery, as a result some areas of the site suffered from sub-surface hydrocarbon contamination. The conversion required substantial electrical works and re-wiring. Traditional methods of using lead sheathing to provide hydrocarbon resistance were not acceptable due to the high environmental impact and production costs of the cables.

The lead consultant MW Kellogg needed to find an environmentally friendly alternative to lead sheathing that would provide all the benefits of hydrocarbon resistance at a lower cost and called on us to help.

How did FSCG help?

FSCG allocated a project manager to visit MW Kellogg, a full review of the site drawings and wiring diagrams was conducted to understand the design issues, followed by a site visit to fully understand the installation environment. From this information special cables were designed and manufactured with a composite Tri-Barrier system made from aluminium, HPDE and polyamide to provide Aliphatic & Aromatic hydrocarbon resistance. The Tri-Barrier system is lighter weight and has reduced diameters compared to traditional lead sheathed cables reducing installation times and offering space saving.

By working with MW Kellogg closely FSC Global were able to provide an ideal solution that was cost effective to produce without the common pollution issues associated with lead sheathed cables. Additionally, the cables were faster to install due to the reduced weight and size resulting in greater cost savings on the project.