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Niltox® LF-318 LSHF Colour Coded Multicore

Low Smoke Halogen Free compounds are used to produce this high quality flexible cable that meets the requirements of 318* B and HO5ZZ-F. Niltox LF-318 is ideal for applications where the cable will be visible. Examples include: lighting pendant drops, supply leads and general wiring in public areas.

As an option these cables can be oversheathed in a wide variety of colours in Low Smoke Halogen Free compounds. This is particularly useful when quantities are small or cables are needed quickly.

Technical Information

Voltage Rating: 
Temperature Rating: 
Flexing:+5°C to +70°C
Static:-20°C to +90°C
Bending Radius: 
Flexing:15 x cable dia
Static:7.5 x cable dia
Current Rating:Refer to IEE Regs Table 4F3A&B
Flame Retardant:IEC 60332-1-2
Smoke Emission:IEC 61034-2
Halogen Emission:IEC 60754-1 & 2


Fine copper wire strands to IEC 60228 class 5, halogen free insulation, colour coded to BS 7671 HD 308 S2. White or black Low Smoke Halogen Free outer sheath. 

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Part No.Cores x mm²Weight kg/kmO/D mmSheath Colour
31800702002 x 0.7560.006.3BLACK
31800702042 x 0.7560.006.3WHITE
31800703003 x 0.7570.006.7BLACK
31800703043 x 0.7570.006.7WHITE
31800704004 x 0.7588.007.1BLACK
31800704044 x 0.7588.007.1WHITE
31800705005 x 0.75112.007.8BLACK
31800705045 x 0.75112.007.8WHITE
31801002002 x
31801002042 x
31801003003 x
31801003043 x
31801004004 x 1.0106.007.9BLACK
31801004044 x 1.0106.007.9WHITE
31801005005 x 1.0134.008.7BLACK
31801005045 x 1.0134.008.7WHITE
31801006006 x 1.0163.009.8BLACK
31801006046 x 1.0163.009.8WHITE
31801502002 x 1.597.007.7BLACK
31801502042 x 1.597.007.7WHITE
31801503003 x 1.5120.008.3BLACK
31801503043 x 1.5120.008.3WHITE
31801504004 x 1.5152.009.4BLACK
31801504044 x 1.5152.009.4WHITE
31801505005 x 1.5183.0010.4BLACK
31801505045 x 1.5183.0010.4WHITE
31801506006 x 1.5201.0010.1BLACK
31801506046 x 1.5201.0010.1WHITE
31802502002 x 2.5150.009.1BLACK
31802502042 x 2.5150.009.1WHITE
31802503003 x 2.5184.009.8BLACK
31802503043 x 2.5184.009.8WHITE
31802504004 x 2.5228.0010.9BLACK
31802504044 x 2.5228.0010.9WHITE
31802505005 x 2.5270.0011.9BLACK
31802505045 x 2.5270.0011.9WHITE
31804003003 x 4.0216.0014.0BLACK
31804003043 x 4.0216.0014.0WHITE
31804004004 x 4.0286.0015.1BLACK
31804004044 x 4.0286.0015.1WHITE
31804005005 x 4.0342.0015.4BLACK
31804005045 x 4.0342.0015.4WHITE
31806004004 x 6.0338.0015.2BLACK
31806004044 x 6.0338.0015.2WHITE
31806005005 x 6.0422.0017.5BLACK
31806005045 x 6.0422.0017.5WHITE
31810004004 x 10690.0022.1BLACK
31810004044 x 10690.0022.1WHITE
31810005005 x 10884.0024.9BLACK
31810005045 x 10884.0024.9WHITE