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Reelflex PUR-H Drum Reeling

Reelflex PUR-H is part of the latest generation of drum reeling cables. When compared to the standard rubber NSHTöu, Reelflex PUR-H is significantly smaller in overall diameter and lighter in weight. This allows the use of lighter winding/reeling equipment offering considerable cost savings. Ideal for use inside or in the open air, these cables emit very little smoke and are halogen free, making them suitable for sensitive applications in the event of fire.

Technical Information

Voltage Rating:

Temperature Rating:

Bending Radius:

Working: 0.6/1kV                      Test: 2500V.

Static: -50°C to       +80°C

Flexing: -40°C to       +80°C

Flexing: 6 x cable diameter 


Fine copper strands to IEC 60228 insulated with halogen free polyester, cores laid around a central textile suspension unit using a short length of twist. Anti-torsion braid embedded between the inner and outer halogen free black polyurethane sheath. Some large sizes may have a split earth construction. Please check at time of order if this is critical.

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Part No.Cores x mm²Tensile Strength NewtonsWeight kg/kmO/D mm
51101504P4 x 1.51,200155.0010.5
51101505P5 x 1.51,500178.0011.2
51101507P7 x 1.52,000231.0012.6
51101512P12 x 1.52,500359.0016.1
51101518P18 x 1.52,500474.0017.0
51101524P24 x 1.52,500590.0021.1
51101530P30 x 1.52,500710.0023.1
51101542P42 x 1.52,500980.0027.3
51102504P4 x 2.51,500208.0011.5
51102505P5 x 2.51,800241.0012.2
51102507P7 x 2.52,500308.0013.2
51102512P12 x 2.52,500480.0019.5
51102518P18 x 2.52,500679.0019.8
51102524P24 x 2.52,500820.0024.1
51102530P30 x 2.52,500970.0027.3
51104004P4 x 4.01,800281.0012.7
51104005P5 x 4.02,000318.0013.7
51106004P4 x 6.02,000372.0014.1
51106005P5 x 6.02,500426.0015.1
51110004P4 x 102,000611.0017.9
51110005P5 x 102,500704.0019.5
51112004P4 x 1207,2005,565.0052.1
51115004P4 x 1509,0006,933.0056.5
51116004P4 x 162,500924.0022.3
51116005P5 x 162,5001,067.0024.2
51125004P4 x 252,5001,270.0025.5
51135004P4 x 352,5001,720.0028.3
51150004P4 x 503,0002,630.0034.2
51170004P4 x 704,2003,326.0039.8
51195004P4 x 955,7004,695.0047.1
5130152525 x 1.5 + 5 x 1.5(C)2,5002,142.0040.0
5130251919 x 2.5 + 5 x 1.5(C)2,5001,757.0034.0