Used extensively for trailing and flexible supply leads, these H05RR-F rubber cables remain flexible even at sub-zero temperatures.

H05RR-F rubber cables use a standard grade rubber compound for the cable outer sheath and are suitable for light duty applications.

Technical Information

Voltage Rating:

Temperature Rating:

Bending Radius:

Current Rating:

Conductor Stranding:

Working: 300/500V, Test: 2000V.

-25°C to +60°C

Flexing: 15 x cable diameter

Static: 6 x cable diameter

H05RR-F Refer to IEE Regs Table 4HF3A&B

To IEC 60228 Class 5 & VDE 0295 Class 5


Fine copper wire strands to IEC 60228 class 5. Rubber insulation colour coded to BS 7671/HD 308 S2. Cores twisted together. Black rubber outer sheath to BS 6500:2000 table 12 and BS 7919:2001 table 10.


Light portable tools, temporary or portable lighting, extension leads for indoor or outdoor use where there is minimal physical damage expected.

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Part No.Cores x mm²O/D mm
551007022 x 0.756.2
551007033 G 0.756.8
551010022 x 1.06.8
551010033 G 1.07.2
551010044 G 1.08.0
551015022 x 1.58.5
551015033 G 1.59.6
551015044 G 1.510.2
551015055 G 1.511.5
551025022 x 2.59.8
551025033 G 2.510.4
551025044 G 2.511.4
551025055 G 2.512.5

G = With Green/Yellow   X = Without Green/Yellow

The overall diameter given has been taken from measuring actual cables, however rubber cables vary considerably in diameter from one manufacturer to another. If the diameter is critical, please ask at time of order and we will check the stock you will be sent.

Also available in a special blue sheathed version suitable for use in drinking water.