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Single Core Earthing Cable - Green/Yellow

Designed for use on earthing circuits within the ship wiring and marine industry 657 SW4 earthing cables are manufactured to BS 6883 and are double insulated for electrical safety.

The outer sheath is coloured green/yellow for identification.

Technical Information

Voltage Rating:0.6/1kV
Conductor Stranding:IEC 60228 Class 2, tinned copper
Temperature Rating:-30°C to +85°C 
Bending Radius Static: 
≤ 10mm23 x OD
>10mm2 to 25mm24 x OD
> 25mm26 x OD
Oxygen Index Of Sheath:>31%
Flame Retardant:IEC 60332-1-2, IEC 60332-3-22 Cat A 
Smoke Emission:IEC 61034-1 & 2
Halogen Emission:IEC 60754-1 & 2
Manufactured To:BS 6883/UKOOA


Tinned stranded copper conductor, EPR insulation, SW4 LSHF elastomeric outer sheath – green/yellow.

Black sheathed versions are also available on request.

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Part No.Core x Size mm²Weight Kg/KmO/D mm
6570150199H1 x 1.542.006.0
6570250199H1 x 2.557.006.0
6570400199H1 x
6570600199H1 x 6.0105.007.0
6571000199H1 x 10165.008.0
6571200199H1 x 1201,300.0021.0
6571500199H1 x 1501,600.0024.0
6571600199H1 x 16230.009.5
6571850199H1 x 1851,991.0026.0
6572400199H1 x 2402,600.0029.2
6572500199H1 x 25360.0012.0
6573000199H1 x 3003,205.0033.0
6573500199H1 x 35425.0012.5
6575000199H1 x 50570.0014.0
6577000199H1 x 70785.0016.0
6579500199H1 x 951,060.0018.0