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Jubail Expert Refinery Project

Petrochemical refinery projects often combine the talents of many companies from around the world. This can result in equipment manufactured to different international standards being used and a variety of bespoke solutions. The Jubail Expert Refinery project was no exception, the joint venture between Saudi Aramco & Total resulted in a mixture of British and French cable standards being combined to produce hybrid specifications. The instrumentation cables required 0.88mm2 conductors, screening, steel wire armours and hydrocarbon resistant sheathing.

This created a problem for installation contractor, the cables would need making to order, the quantities were short and the cables were required quickly. They had spoken to several large manufacturers and been quoted 5000 metre production runs and 12 weeks manufacture times, not a great solution when you only need 400m of five different cables.

How did FSCG help?

Special manufactured cable solutions are a major part of our business, short quantities and fast turnaround times are always key to making the job a success. By utilising our expertise we were able to produce 500 metre quantities of each cable saving the client a considerable amount of money and wasted cable. The cables were produced in three weeks, just quick enough to meet the project timeframe.

Cable specifications for projects can often be a headache, by working with FSC Global the client received a solution tailored to meet their specific needs. This allowed them to complete the job on time for Saudi Aramco and meet the terms of their contract.

For more information on the manufacture options available FSC Global visit the Special Manufacture section in the navigation bar.

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