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318*TQ Heat Resistant Flex

TQ flex is used on a wide range of heat resistant applications ranging from lighting to central heating systems and immersion heaters. With colour coloured cores and rated at 85°C this cable is ideal as a power supply lead or a control cable where ambient temperatures exceed the working range of standard PVC cables. The EPR insulation and CSP jacket result in a highly flexible and durable cable.

Technical Information 

Voltage Rating:

Conductor Stranding:

Temperature Rating:

Bending Radius:


Stranded. IEC 60228 class 5

-20°C to +85°C

6 x overall diameter


Stranded copper conductors to IEC60228 Class 5, ethylene propylenerubber (EPR, T) insulation colour coded.Cores laid up, white chlorosulphonated polyethylene (CSP, Q) jacket.

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Normally packed on 50m or 100m reels longer lengths may be available.
Part No.Cores x mm²Weight kg/kmO/D mm
57100702TQ2 x 0.7565.006.6
57100703TQ3 x 0.7580.007.3
57100704TQ4 x 0.7595.007.8
57101002TQ2 x
57101003TQ3 x
57101004TQ4 x 1.0115.008.3
57101502TQ2 x 1.5120.008.8
57101503TQ3 x 1.5140.009.5
57101504TQ4 x 1.5175.0010.5
57102502TQ2 x 2.5170.0010.3
57102503TQ3 x 2.5200.0011.0
57102504TQ4 x 2.5250.0012.2