P-Temp 260

P-Temp-260 cables are designed to operate at conductor temperatures up to +260°C. The PTFE insulation is covered by a layer of mica that is protected from abrasion or mechanical damage by an impregnated and varnished glass fibre braid. The cable is also capable of withstanding higher temperatures for short periods. This is a direct alternative to In-Temp 250 that used to be manufactured by BICC.

The fine stranded nickel plated copper conductor provides flexibility during installation and routing with substantially improved high temperature performance over tinned or plain copper.

Multicore versions can be made to your requirements normally with stainless steel or glass fibre braids. Other types of PTFE insulated wires are also available with tinned, nickel, or silver plated conductors. Please ask for details.

Technical Information

Voltage Rating:Working: 0.6/1kV, Test 5000V
Temperature Rating:Static: -55°C to +260°C
Bending Radius:Static: 10 x cable diameter
Conductor Stranding:To IEC 60228 class 5 flexible or finer


Fine nickel plated copper wire strands to IEC 60228 Class 5 or finer. White PTFE insulation. Mica tape, impregnated and varnished glass fibre braid. Standard colour white, other colours to special order.

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Part No.CSA mm²Stranding x mmWeight kg/kmO/D mmCurrent amps*

Up to 25mm2 held in stock.

We also hold stocks of some sizes of Unipren, Uniefglas, Uniminyvin, Uninyvin and Unitersil. Please ask for details.