G-Temp 600

Pure nickel conductors offer excellent high temperature performance. The conductor can withstand temperatures up to +750°C. The high temperature glass insulation enables the nickel conductor to operate continuously at +600°C and for short periods up to +750°C. Applications include furnaces, ovens, kilns and other extremely high temperature environments.

These cables can also be supplied in multicore versions with overall glass fibre or stainless steel braids for quantities as low as 100m.

Higher voltages are available by special order. These include a mica tape in the cable construction. Please call if you have a specific requirement.

Technical Information

Voltage Rating:Working 250V
Temperature Rating:Continuous +600°C
Intermittent +750°C


Pure nickel strands, double glass yarn lapped, impregnated, glass braided, double silicone varnished, colour natural/white.

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Part No.Nominal CSA mm²Stranding x mmWeight kg/kmO/D mmCurrent Amps at 30°C Ambient Conductor Temp. + 180Current Amps at 30°C Ambient Conductor Temp. + 200Current Amps at 30°C Ambient Conductor Temp. + 250