HD308 S2 (BS7671) European Harmonised Colour Code

Table 1: Cables and cords with a green/yellow core
3 core:Green/yellow, blue, brown
4 core:Green/yellow, brown, black, grey
4 core*: Green/yellow, blue, brown, black
5 core: Green/yellow, blue, brown, black, grey
 * For certain applications only

Table 2: Cables and cords without a green/yellow core
2 core: Blue, brown
3 core: Brown, black, grey
3 core*: Blue, brown, black
4 core:
Blue, brown, black, grey
5 core: Blue, brown, black, grey, black
 * For certain applications only

In these tables an uninsulated concentric conductor such as a metallic sheath, armour or screen wire are not regarded as a core.

A concentric conductor is identified by its position and therefore need not be identified by colour.

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