Outdoor Control

The FSC Global range of duct grade YY cable is suitable to be either run through ducts or clipped to buildings or other exposed areas when an armoured cable is not required. The cables are rated to 0.6/1kV and have XLPE insulation, a PVC bedding and a UV stable black polyethylene sheath which also gives additional mechanical strength and water resistance. The colour code is the conventional brown, blue, green/yellow (on three core) for simple wiring. Despite their toughness they remain remarkably flexible.

The cable is stocked on bulk drums and can be cut to length to reduce your wastage and save time. If you don’t see the size you require please call us because we offer a cable over-sheathing service. If these cables require added protection we can also armour them with MOQs as low as a hundred metres.

Despite their toughness they remain remarkably flexible. They can also be used as an alternative to the old Delta Hi-Tuf cables.

Technical Information

Voltage Rating:0.6/1kV
Conductor Stranding:Stranded. IEC 60228 class 5
Temperature Rating:-30°C to +90°C
Bending Radius:10 x overall diameter


Plain copper wire conductors to IEC 60228 class 5, XLPE colour coded insulation, bedding compound of PVC, UV resistant polyethylene sheath.

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Part No.Cores x mm²Colour CodeSheath MaterialWeight kg/kmO/D mm
10001002D2 x 1.0Brown / BluePE-DUCT78.009.1
10001003D3 x 1.0Brown / Blue / Green YellowPE-DUCT98.009.2
10001004D4 x 1.0Brown, Black, Grey, Green/YellowPE-DUCT121.009.6
10001005D5 x 1.0Brown / Blue / Black / Grey / Green YellowPE-DUCT149.0010.7
10001502D2 x 1.5Brown / BluePE-DUCT105.009.2
10001503D3 x 1.5Brown / Blue / Green YellowPE-DUCT156.0010.5
10001504D4 x 1.5Brown / Black / Grey / Green YellowPE-DUCT181.0011.4
10001505D5 x 1.5Brown / Blue / Black / Grey / Green YellowPE-DUCT201.0012.3
10002502D2 x 2.5Brown / BluePE-DUCT154.0011.0
10002503D3 x 2.5Brown / Blue / Green YellowPE-DUCT183.0011.0
10002504D4 x 2.5Brown / Black / Grey / Green YellowPE-DUCT241.0013.1
10002505D5 x 2.5Brown / Blue / Black / Grey / Green YellowPE-DUCT304.0014.2