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LU Approved Coaxial

Designed to meet London Underground (LU) specification for fire performance this collection of cables is also popular on overground railways, other transport systems and other commercial applications where fire and smoke propagation are critical factors.

Applications range from CCTV and radio communications to alarm and emergency evacuation circuits.


Solid plain copper conductor, foamed PE dielectric, copper foil screen, plain copper wire braid, LSHF sheath.

London Underground Standard

E4156.1-A3 & E4156.2-A4

Section 12 Approved

LSHF Sheath Material to HD 624

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Part No.DescriptionImp. OhmsShieldOuter SheathWeight kg/kmO/D mm
390H124HLUH124 Coaxial LU Approved Black LSHF UV Resistant75CFS-PCWBLSHF53.007.0