Singlecore, multicore, pair and triple configuration cables can be supplied to meet even the most extreme temperature applications. Variations include fluorpolymer based cables utilising PFA and PTFE materials through to glass and ceramic woven or braided cables offering temperature spans between -190oC to +1400oC. Conductor materials will be matched to the operating temperature. Thermocouple types are also available.

The cables can be supplied as instrumentation, control and power types with electrical screens to prevent interference where required. When mechanical protection is required metallic armours can be applied to prevent damage.

For highly aggressive and hazardous area applications Mineral Insulated Inconel Sheathed (MIIS) cables can be supplied. Similar to MICC cables, these cables are made from specialist metals to withstand corrosion, saltwater, sun and high temperatures. They are fire resistant to BS 6387 CWZ & BS 8434, suitable for use in ATEX rated areas and carry zone 1 & 2 hazardous area certification.

To obtain a quote for the cables you require please send us your specification or the following information and we will do the rest:

- Number of cores, pairs or triples
- Voltage rating
- Armour/mechanical protection
- Wet or dry environment
- Quantity required
- Conductor size & stranding
- Screening required (individual or collective screen)
- Operating temperature
- Is the cable fixed or moving when installed
- Date required

Please provide us with a brief description of the application and environment.

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