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Export Packaging

Unlike other suppliers FSC Global provide export packaging as standard, it’s all part of the service. We will select the most appropriate option to ensure that your goods arrive in perfect condition regardless of how far they have travelled.

Below are some examples, if you have a preference please let us know when you make an enquiry so we can be sure to meet your needs.

Plywood wrap with steel bands

This method provides a high level of
protection whilst keeping weight to a
minimum making it particularly
suitable for airfreight shipments.

Palletised with shrink wrap plastic

Goods packed onto strong softwood pallets shrink wrapped with LDPE plastic provides the perfect solution
of small drums or multiple item shipments.

The pallets are reusable and the
LDPE shrink wrap can be
reprocessed through plastic
recycling facilities.

Container loaded

If we are loading a container for you
we will pack individual items and
pallets using the methods above and then pack the whole container with equal care.

The warehouse facility has container loading ramps and forklifts designed
for use inside a container.

This enables us to move the goods around gently and avoid any damage being caused.

All the goods are then secured for sea
freight shipping and the container
sealed on site.
Wooden battened with steel bands

This type of packaging is very strong
however it does increase the shipping
weight, it also consumes a lot of timber
so it’s not the most environmentally
friendly solution.

To keep in line with our environmental
targets we favour plywood wrap
however this option is available if required.

ISPM 15 Compliance

The ISPM 15 directive helps to prevent the worldwide spread of plant pests and diseases by regulating and using
chemical or heat treated wooden
packaging material.

We use packaging complaint with ISPM 15 regulations where applicable, this ensures your goods do not get stopped at point of
entry by customs.

The packaging carries the wood packaging directive logo for identification, if required
additional compliance certificates can be
supplied with the shipment.

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