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Duct Grade, External & Chemical Resistant Sheaths

Duct Grade & External Sheaths

In situations where cables run outside or through ducts, polyethylene sheathing is the ideal solution. Polyethylene is tough, water resistant and has natural low friction, making it easy to pull through ducts. It is also ideal for clipping to the outside of buildings offering good resistance to sunlight.

Two types of polyethylene are used - LDPE (low density polyethylene) and HDPE (high density polyethylene). LDPE offers reasonable flexibility and mechanical protection making it particularly suited to small data cables. HDPE is a tougher and stiffer compound making it ideal for use on larger diameter cables where greater levels of friction are present during installation.

Chemical Resistant Sheaths

Cables are often used in arduous conditions and splashed or sprayed with a variety of chemicals and oils causing the sheath of the cable to harden, split or dissolve resulting in failure or short circuit.

This can be overcome by re-sheathing the cable with a compound resistant to the chemicals or oils present for quantities as low as 100 metres.

Sheathing compounds available include PUR, TPV, TPU, SHF2 and polyamides to name a few so talk to us now to find a solution.

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