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Dubai Airwing Facility

The Dubai Airwing Facility is a prestigious development to Dubai’s International Airport incorporating hangars for Royal aircraft parking (eight in total), baggage handling, new operations centre and a specialised horse transfer facility.

As with all airport buildings fire safety is paramount and this development was no exception.

To aid monitoring and evacuation if disaster does strike, a fire resistant, halogen free coax cable was specified to maintain CCTV transmission for a minimum of 3 hours in accordance with BS5839 & IEC 60331-21.

How did FSCG help?

FSC Global studied the building specification requirements whilst talking to the installation team to understand their installation constraints. Once all the information was compiled FSCG liaised with Draka Comteq and several specialised factories around the world to design a suitable cable and connector system to meet the client and installers specification, cost and delivery needs. Once the specifications were completed, manufacture lead times and freight services were coordinated to ensure all the goods would arrive on time.

Meeting the needs of fire resistant cabling projects can be difficult as people do not always understand the standards involved and the differences between a “normal” cable and a fire resistant type. By working closely with the client FSCG were able to help them interpret the standards correctly and propose a suitable cabling solution for the application.

By selecting FSCG as a complete service provider our client benefited from consolidating all the project needs into one order whilst being sure that the cable, connectors and installation tooling would arrive as one package, on time without any compatibility issues.

Since the success of this project FSCG have become the appointed distributor of the Draka Firetuf range of products that includes fire resistant coax and data cables.

For more information on the Draka Firetuf range click here.

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