Def Stan 61-12 Cables

1Red  10Pink  19Yellow/Blue  28Orange/Green
2Blue  11Turquoise  20White/Blue  29Grey/Green
3Green  12Grey  21Blue/Black  30Yellow/Brown
4Yellow  13Red/Blue  22Orange/Blue  31White/Brown
5White  14Green/Red  23Green/Blue  32Brown/Black
6Black  15Yellow/Red  24Grey/Blue  33Grey/Brown
7Brown  16White/Red  25Yellow/Green  34Yellow/Violet
8Violet  17Red/Black  26White/Green  35Violet/Black
9Orange  18Red/Brown  27Green/Black  36White/Violet

Note: The colour code of 25 core cables has core colours 23 & 24 replaced with colours 26 & 28.

For colour codes above 36 core please ask for details.

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