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Pilz Safety Bus p®

Safety Bus p® is an open Fieldbus system based on well established CAN Bus technology. Safety Bus p® modules must be self monitoring, perform intelligent checks and react independently, therefore remaining ‘safe’. Several versions of Safety Bus p® cables are available depending on the application and environmental conditions.

Technical Information

Voltage Rating:30V
-5°C to +60°C
110 Ohms
Colour Code:Brown, white & green


Plain copper conductors, foamed PP with a hard skin insulation, cores laid up, FRNC bedding, tinned copper wire braid, PVC, LSHF or polyurethane (PUR) sheath versions.

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Part No.No. of CoresCSA mm²Sheath MaterialColourWeight Kg/KmO/D mmApplication
2810070330.75PVCYellow89.007.5Light Flexing
28100703H30.75LSHFYellow89.007.5Light Flexing

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