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Lutron GRX-CBL-346S Grafik Eye & Mode Lighting Cable

Lutron are world leaders in lighting control systems for prestige residential properties as well as restaurant, retail and commercial applications.

In addition to the full range of genuine Lutron cables we are also able to offer a high quality alternative to the GRX-CBL-346S for the GRAFIK Eye® 3000, 4000, 5000 & 6000 systems manufactured using Low Smoke Halogen Free materials throughout.

This enables installations in locations that prohibit the use of standard PVC types. Where the cable is run outside duct grade and armoured versions are also popular.

If you are installing a Mode Lighting Evolution system we offer an alternative to Belden 1502R. The cable is electrically the same as the Lutron type above but uses a PVC jacket with a reduced overall diameter for easy routing.

Construction - Data Pair

Conductors:22(7)AWG tinned copper strands
Insulation:Polypropylene insulation – 1.83mm nominal
Colour Code:Purple & white
58 Ohm/km @ 20°C
Capacitance:Core to core 45pF/m nominal
Screen:Aluminium/polyester screen and 24(7)AWG TCu drain wire
120 Ohm

Construction - Power Pair

Conductors:18(7)AWG tinned copper strands
Insulation:Polypropylene insulation – 1.97mm nominal
Colour Code:Power pair - red & black
23 Ohm/km @ 20°C

Technical Information

Voltage Rating:300V
Test Voltage:1.5kV
Temperature Rating:0°C to +70°C
Smoke Emission:IEC 61034-1 & 2
Halogen Emission:IEC 60754-1 & 2

Pair bundles laid up with polyester fillers, polyester tape, blue LSHF sheath.

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Part No.Alt. to LutronSheath MaterialColourO/D mmWeight KG/KM
Lutron GRX-CBL-346S Grafik Eye Cables
1822LCCHGRX CBL-346SLSHFBlue5.246.00
1822LCCHAGRX CBL-346SSWA-PEBlack11.3270.00
1822LCCHDGRX CBL-346SPE-DUCTBlack7.472.00
Mode Lighting Cable
1822ECC PVCBlue6.465.00
1822ECCA SWA-PEBlack10.5223.00
1822ECCD PE-DUCTBlack8.789.00
1822ECCH LSHFBlue6.465.00