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CC-Link 1.10 FieldLink® Cable

The Mitsubishi CC-Link system provides real time communication between controllers and field deployed devices. it is particularly popular in mass manufacturing facilities and used worldwide for time critical applications. CC-Link cable is certified by CLPA and ensures system compatibility.

FSC Global offer a 3 core CC-Link cable for use on the CC-Link system, suitable for data rates up to 10MB/s, in either PVC or SWA (steel wire armoured) versions.

Technical Information

Voltage Rating:300V
Fixed:-20°C to +60°C
110 Ohms
Capacitance @ 1hz:60pF/m
Conductor Resistance
@ 20°C:
36 Ohms/km
Data Rate:10MB/s
Colour Code:Yellow, white, blue


Plain copper conductors 20(7)AWG, foamed PE with a hard skin insulation, polyester tape, aluminium foil screen & 22(19)AWG tinned copper drain wire, tinned copper wire braid – 78% optical coverage, PVC sheath.

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Part No.Alt. to BeldenNo. of CoresAWGSheath MaterialWeight Kg/KmO/D mmScreened