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Overall Foil & Braid Screened Cored Data RS232

A range of high performance cables for use over extended distances at high data rates for RS232 applications. They are also well suited to industrial measurement where low signal distortion is required.

Technical Information

Voltage Rating:300V
100 Ohms
Up to 5 core 
Core to core:121 pF/m
Core to screen:220 pF/m
Above 5 core 
Core to core:115 pF/m
Core to screen:207 pF/m
UL Style*:2464
Colour Code: 
Up to 10 Core:Chart 1
Above to 10 Core:Chart 2


Tinned copper conductor 22(7) AWG, 0.35mm2, semi rigid PVC insulation. Cores laid up, overall aluminium/polyester foil screen, tinned copper drain wire (24AWG), overall tinned copper braid (65%). PVC sheath.

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Part No.Alt. to BeldenNo. of CoresSheath MaterialWeight Kg/KmO/D mm
2203CODYBelden 99393PVC41.005.1
2204CODYBelden 99404PVC48.005.5
2205CODYBelden 99415PVC55.005.8
2206CODYBelden 99426PVC63.006.2
2207CODYBelden 99437PVC65.006.3
2208CODYBelden 99448PVC74.006.6
2209CODYBelden 99459PVC85.007.1
2210CODYBelden 994610PVC94.007.6
2215CODYBelden 994715PVC130.008.6
2225CODYBelden 994825PVC189.0010.4
2237CODYBelden 994937PVC238.0011.7
2250CODYBelden 995050PVC348.0014.1

The Belden numbers are shown for cross reference only to help you identify the cable you need.
FSC cables are manufactured and tested to very high standards and designed with performance in mind, however these are not manufactured by Belden.
If you need genuine Belden cable we can also supply these; just let us know when placing your enquiry.

*UL style numbers are given for cross reference purposes only. Not all the cables on this page are tested to or approved by UL. If you require UL approved versions please tell us when you first enquire.