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Instrumentation, Process control & PLTC

Industrial process control and instrumentation cables suitable for use in a wide variety of industries from nuclear energy generation to security and access control.

Low Smoke Halogen Free versions are available where indicated. The insulation and sheath materials are replaced by those that do not emit halogens and toxic smoke.

Construction - Individually and Overall Screened Pairs

Plain copper conductor 18(7)AWG 0.88mm2, Low Smoke Halogen Free insulation with a nylon skin. Conductors twisted into pairs, black and white numbered pairs, each pair individually aluminium/polyester foil screened with a 20(7)AWG tinned copper drain wire, pairs laid up with isolated screens. Overall screen is aluminium/polyester foil screen with 20(7)AWG tinned copper drain wire. Low Smoke Halogen Free sheath.

Construction - Overall Screened Triple 14AWG

3 x 14(41)AWG, 2.0mm2, plain copper conductor, (colour code: black, white, red) Low Smoke Halogen Free insulation, polyester tape, 90% tinned copper wire braid, black Low Smoke Halogen Free sheath.

Construction - Overall Screened Triple 22 & 18AWG 

Tinned copper conductor, colour coded PVC insulation, black, red, white. Aluminium/polyester foil screen with drain wire. Grey PVC jacket.

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Part No.Alt. to BeldenNo. PairsNo. of TriplesAWGCSA mm²Weight Kg/KmVoltageO/D mmSheath Material
Individually and Overall Screened Pairs
1802PTFNHBelden 1048ANH2 18(7)0.88115.00600V9.9LSHF
Overall Screened Triple 14AWG
1403COBYH  114(41)2.00128.00600V9.1LSHF
Overall Screened Triple 22 & 18AWG
2203COFYBelden 9363 122(7)0.3539.00300V5.3PVC
1803COFYBelden 9365 118(16)0.7964.00300V6.3PVC

The Belden numbers are shown for cross reference only to help you identify the cable you need.
FSC cables are manufactured and tested to very high standards and designed with performance in mind, however these are not manufactured by Belden.
If you need genuine Belden cable we can also supply these; just let us know when placing your enquiry.