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Individually Screened Multipair Data 22AWG Low Capacitance RS422

These cables are used extensively within security, computer and instrumentation applications. Many sizes are also used within the audio field as snake cables where the individual screening of pairs reduces cross talk.

The 3 pair version is particularly popular within the security industry for CCTV and access control systems.

Low Smoke Halogen Free versions are available where indicated. The insulation and sheath materials are replaced by those that do not emit halogens or toxic smoke.

Technical Information

Voltage Rating:300V
50 Ohms
UL Style*:2919
Core to core:98 pF/m
Core to screen:180 pF/m
Colour Code:Chart 3


Tinned copper conductor 22(7) AWG, 0.35mm2. Polypropylene insulated. Twisted into pairs, each pair aluminium/polyester foil screened, tinned copper drain wire (24AWG), PVC sheath.

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Part No.Alt. to BeldenNo. of PairsAWGSheath MaterialWeight Kg/KmO/D mm
2203PIFRABelden 8777322(7)SWA-PE330.0013.3
2203PIFRDBelden 8777322(7)PE-DUCT96.008.6
2203PIFRHBelden 8777NH322(7)LSHF70.007.0
2206PIFRHBelden 8778NH622(7)LSHF123.009.2
2209PIFRBelden 8774922(7)PVC177.0010.6
2209PIFRHBelden 8774NH922(7)LSHF177.0010.6
2209PIFRLBelden 8774922(7)LSF177.0010.6
2211PIFRBelden 87751122(7)PVC201.0011.8
2212PIFRBelden 97681222(7)PVC226.0012.1
2212PIFRHBelden 9768NH1222(7)LSHF226.0012.1
2212PIFRLBelden 97681222(7)LSF226.0012.1
2215PIFRBelden 87761522(7)PVC290.0013.9
2217PIFRBelden 97691722(7)PVC331.0014.7
2219PIFRBelden 87691922(7)PVC348.0015.3
2227PIFRBelden 87732722(7)PVC502.0018.0
2237PIFRBelden 97673722(7)PVC739.0020.3

The Belden numbers are shown for cross reference only to help you identify the cable you need.
FSC cables are manufactured and tested to very high standards and designed with performance in mind, however these are not manufactured by Belden.
If you need genuine Belden cable we can also supply these; just let us know when placing your enquiry.

*UL style numbers are given for cross reference purposes only. Not all the cables on this page are tested to or approved by UL. If you require UL approved versions please tell us when you first enquire.

† Applies to CE marked FSCG branded stock only.