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Custom Manufactured Cables

Many projects need something special or unusual , FSC Global’s custom manufacture service can provide the answer.

By discussing your application and needs the technical team can offer bespoke cables for an installation when a standard cable will not do the job.

This can be as basic as a special colour code or jacket colour, right through to cables containing mixed core sizes or a coax element, with various levels of screening or armouring.

Examples include:

- Hydrocarbon resistant Category 5E UTP LAN cables of use on refinery applications

- 50Kv Plasma launch ignition cables for research applications

- Flexible armoured lighting control cables for passive safety systems

- +300°C rated flexible flare stack control cables of the offshore industry

- Composite CCTV & military surveillance cables for the Kandahar Highway in Kabul

Production quantities can be as low as 100m with manufacture times starting at 10-14 days.

So if you know what you need to do but no sure how to do it, talk to us, the solution may be easier than you think!

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