RA Coaxial

RA7000 has been developed as a higher performance version of BT2003 but with a smaller overall diameter.

RA8000 is a high performance alternative to BT3002 with a much smaller overall diameter. Multicore versions are also available.

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Part No.TypeImp. OhmsShieldOuter SheathWeight kg/kmO/D mm
390RA7000RA700075AFS PCWBLSHF30.004.5
390RA7000/16RA700075AFS PCWBLSHF535.0024.3
390RA7000/8RA700075AFS PCWBLSHF165.0017.2
390RA8000RA800075AFS PCWBLSHF13.002.8
390RA8000/16RA800075AFS PCWBLSHF228.0014.8
390RA8000/8RA800075AFS PCWBLSHF124.0011.0