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Digital Satellite & Cable TV Coaxial Cable

The TV range of cable television and video cables is used primarily to carry TV, Satellite and CCTV signals. These cables are all 75 Ohm and supplied in a variety of versions to suit different applications.

An optional heavy duty tough sheath to improve impact and moisture resistance makes the TV-DB range ideal for pulling into ducts or for direct burial.

A version with an aluminium moisture barrier is also available. Cables can be armoured and sheathed with LDPE for quantities as low as 100 metres.

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Part No.TypeImp. OhmsCentral Cond.ShieldDielectricOuter SheathWeight kg/kmO/D mm
392100TV100751.00CFS PCWBAirspaced PEPVC49.006.6
392100DTV100751.00CFS PCWBFoamed PEPE-DUCT70.007.0
392100FTV100751.00CFS PCWBFoamed PEPVC49.006.6
392100F/5TV100751.00CFS PCWBFoamed PEPVC630.0022.5
392100F-SHOTGUNTV100751.00CFS PCWBFoamed PEPVC100.00 
392100HTV100751.00CFS PCWBFoamed PELSHF49.006.6
392100HRTV100751.00CFS PCWBAirspaced PELSHF49.006.6
392100WTV100751.00CFS PCWBAirspaced PEPVC49.006.6
392100WFTV100751.00CFS PCWBFoamed PEPVC49.006.6
392125TV125751.25CFS PCWBAirspaced PEPE69.008.0
392125DBTV125751.25CFS PCWBAirspaced PEPE/PP52.009.5
392125DBFTV125751.25CFS PCWBFoamed PEPE-DUCT90.009.5
392125FTV125751.25CFS PCWBFoamed PEPE69.008.0
392125F/5TV125751.25CFS PCWBFoamed PEPE80.0025.5
392125HRTV125751.25CFS PCWBAirspaced PELSHF69.008.0
392125WHTV125751.25CFS PCWBFoamed PELSHF69.008.0
392125HHTV125751.25CFS PCWBAirspaced PELSHF69.008.0
392167TV167751.67CFS PCWBAirspaced PEPE115.0010.1
392167DBTV167751.67CFS PCWBAirspaced PELDPE110.0011.7
392167FTV167751.67CFS PCWBFoamed PEPE115.0010.1
392167HTV167751.67CFS PCWBFoamed PELSHF115.0010.1
392233TV223752.33CFS PCWBAirspaced PEPE135.0012.7
392233DBTV223752.33CFS PCWBAirspaced PELDPE147.0014.4
392233FTV223752.33CFS PCWBFoamed PEPE135.0012.7
392233HTV223752.33CFS PCWBFoamed PELSHF135.0012.7
392100LCAIWF100 CAI Approved751.00CFS PCWBFoamed PELSF49.006.6
392100WCAIWF100 CAI Approved751.00CFS PCWBFoamed PEPVC49.006.6
39210002CAIWF100 CAI Approved751.00CFS PCWBFoamed PEPVC49.006.6
392100HCAIWF100 CAI Approved751.00CFS PCWBFoamed PELSHF49.006.6
392065CAI-SHOTWF65 CAI Approved751.00CFS PCWBFoamed PEPVC64.009.8