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75 Ohm RG Coaxial

RG (Radio Guide) coax cables were originally designed by the U.S military, they have been widely adopted by commercial industry for a wide range of high frequency data and signal transmission requirements.

The range below are 75 Ohm impedance versions making them popular for CCTV and video based applications. BNC and F-Type connectors are available from stock with crimp tools for easy fitting.

Other types can be supplied on request as can armoured versions or alternative sheath colours.

Twin and multicore versions are available in some types. If you cannot find the type you require please contact us with your enquiry.

Sheath, Insulation and Shield Codes

FEPFluorinated Ethylene Propylene
FPEFoamed Polyethylene
LDPELow Density Polyethylene
PESSPolyethylene Semi Solid
TCWBTinned Copper Wire Braid
PCWBPlain Copper Wire Braid

Sheath, Insulation and Shield Codes

PEASPolyethylene Air Spaced
PVCPolyvinyl Chloride
PECPolyethylene Cellular
GFBGlass Fibre Braid
SPCWBSilver Plated Copper Wire Braid
AFS AWB AFS AWBAluminium Foil Screen Aluminium Wire Braid Aluminium Foil Screen Aluminium Wire Braid
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Part No.TypeImp. OhmsShieldDielectricOuter SheathWeight kg/kmO/D mm
390006-CRG6 Type75AFS TCWBFoamed PEPVC47.006.8
390006-CHRG6 Type75AFS TCWBFoamed PELSHF47.006.8
390006QRG6 Quad Shield75AFS AWB AFS AWBFoamed PEPVC49.007.6
390006QHRG6 Quad Shield75AFS AWB AFS AWBFoamed PELSHF49.007.6
390059RG59 B/U75PCWBPEPVC60.006.1
390059ARG59 B/U75PCWBPESWA-PE195.0010.3
390059DRG59 B/U75PCWBPEPE-DUCT93.007.9
390059HRG59 B/U75PCWBPELSHF60.006.1
390059LRG59 B/U75PCWBPELSF60.006.1
390059MBRG59 Mini75TCWBPEPVC16.003.6
390059MBHRG59 Mini75TCWBPELSHF16.003.6
390059MWRG59 Mini75TCWBPEPVC16.003.6
390059MWHRG59 Mini75TCWBPELSHF16.003.6
390216HRG216752 x PCWBPELSHF169.0010.8
390216RG216752 x PCWBPEPVC169.0010.8
390179Y-SRG179 Stranded75TCWBPEPVC12.002.6
390179RG179 B/U75SPCWBPTFEFEP15.002.5
390179H-SRG179 Stranded75TCWBPELSHF12.002.6
390011RG11 A/U75PCWBPEPVC149.0010.3
390011ARG11 A/U75PCWBPESWA-PE380.0015.7
390011HRG11 A/U75PCWBPELSHF149.0010.3