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Corrugated Coax Series

Corrugated low-loss coax cables provide high performance with low loss for transmission line and wireless applications. The low loss dielectric, corrugated copper sheathed construction allows flexibility for installation whilst maintaining stable attenuation and low VSWR.

There is a wide range of sizes and styles available in both 50 Ohm & 75 Ohm impedance they offer the idea solution for RF communication, microwave transmission and satellite media distribution.

Sheathing options include polyethylene (PE) for extreme weather resistance and flame retardant Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) for use around public buildings and offshore applications.

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CodeAlt. to AndrewCap. pF/mMax Frequency GhzImpedance OhmsO/D mmSheath MaterialVelocity of PropagationWeight
Superflexible Series
390ACF12-50FSJ4-50B 1/2"8310.205013.2PVC81%210.00
390ACF12-50HFSJ4RN-50B 1/2" LSHF8310.205013.2LSHF81%210.00
390ACF12-75FSJ4-75A 1/2"5511.507513.2PVC81%210.00
390ACF12-75HFSJ4RN-75A 1/2" LSHF5511.507513.2LSHF81%210.00
390ACF14-50FSJ1-50A 1/4"7920.40507.4PVC84%67.00
390ACF14-50HFSJ1RN-50B 1/4" LSHF7920.40507.4LSHF84%67.00
390ACF14-75FSJ1-75 1/4"5722.00757.4PVC78%67.00
390ACF14-75HFSJ1RN-75A 1/4" LSHF5722.00757.4LSHF78%67.00
390ACF38-50FSJ2-50 3/8"8013.405010.5PVC83%120.00
390ACF38-50HFSJ2RN-50 3/8" LSHF8013.405010.5LSHF83%120.00
Corrugated Coax Series
390AC12-50LDF4-50A 1/2"768.805016.0PVC88%220.00
390AC12-50HLDF4RN-50A 1/2" LSHF768.805016.0LSHF88%220.00
390AC12-75LDF4-75A 1/2"5110.007516.0PVC88%210.00
390AC12-75HLDF4RN-75A 1/2" LSHF5110.007516.0LSHF88%210.00
390AC14-50LDF1-50 1/4"7715.80508.8PVC86%90.00
390AC14-50HLDF1RN-50 1/4" LSHF7715.80508.8LSHF86%90.00
390AC38-50LDF2-50 3/8"7613.505011.0PVC88%120.00
390AC38-50HLDF2RN-50 3/8" LSHF7613.505011.0LSHF88%120.00
390AC58-50LDF4.5-50 5/8"766.105022.0PVC89%220.00
390AC58-50HLDF4.5RN-50 5/8" LSHF766.105022.0LSHF89%220.00
390AC78-50LDF5-50A 7/8"755.005028.0PVC89%490.00
390AC78-50HLDF5RN-50A 7/8" LSHF755.005028.0LSHF89%490.00
390AC78-75LDF5-75 7/8"505.307527.5PVC89%450.00
Air Coax Series
390ACV58-50AVA7-50 5/8"722.505050.3PVC92%1,070.00
390ACV78-50AVA5-50 7/8"734.905028.0PVC91%440.00

To ensure minimal signal loss we can also offer connectors for all of the above cables, ranging from N-Type & 7-16 Din to TNC, UHF and SMA.