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Camera Cable Triaxial

The triax camera cable range available from FSC Global covers the three main sizes, Triax 8, Triax 11 and Triax 14. A variety of different jacket materials are available to suit indoor or outdoor various environments.

Other options include stranded centre conductors and flexible jacket materials for mobile studio applications where frequent movement is likely.

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Part No.TypeImp. OhmsShieldWeight kg/kmO/D mmOuter SheathColour
390CC08Camera Triaxial75TCWB-PCWB106.008.5PVCRed
390CC08HCamera Triaxial75TCWB-PCWB106.008.5LSHFRed
390CC08PCamera Triaxial75TCWB-PCWB106.008.5PURRed
390CC11Camera Triaxial75TCWB-PCWB160.0011.2PVCRed
390CC11HCamera Triaxial75TCWB-PCWB160.0011.2LSHFRed
390CC11PCamera Triaxial75TCWB-PCWB160.0011.2PURRed
390CC14Camera Triaxial75TCWB-PCWB268.0014.0PVCRed
390CC14HCamera Triaxial75TCWB-PCWB268.0014.0LSHFRed
390CC14PCamera Triaxial75TCWB-PCWB268.0014.0PURRed
390CF08Camera Triaxial75TCWB-PCWB102.008.5TPERed
390CF11Camera Triaxial75TCWB-PCWB158.0011.2TPERed