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TruSound S-Video Cable

Using two coaxial cables within one jacket this flexible S-Video cable is suitable for connection of cameras, computers, audio, video & TV units. Each coax is screened with an aluminium foil and high coverage tinned copper wire braid and coloured pvc jacket for easy identification.

Technical Information

Impedance:75 Ohms +/- 3%
Capacitance Core to Screen:64 pF/m
Temperature Rating:-15°C to +70°C


Fine tinned copper strands 28(7)AWG, foam polyethylene insulation, aluminium foil, tinned copper wire braid, PVC jacket. Two cables laid together and circular black PVC sheathed.

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Part No.Cores x mm²StrandingWeight kg/kmO/D mmColour
TSSV08022 x 0.087/0.1270.007.5BLACK