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Broadcast Coaxial Cable

The demand for 75 Ohm broadcast quality video cables has increased with the explosion of high quality media to the home.

Best known are the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) specification PSF series. They are available in a range of sizes to reduce signal loss over long runs and with a variety of jacket colours to provide easy circuit identification. 

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Part No.TypeImp. OhmsDielectricShieldWeight kg/kmO/D mmOuter SheathColour
390PS12PSF1/275PE2 x TCWB93.007.5PVCCream
390PS12HPSF1/275PE2 x TCWB93.007.5LSHFCream
390PS13PSF1/375PE2 x TCWB74.006.5PVCCream
390PS1301PSF1/375PE2 x TCWB74.006.5PVCBlue
390PS1302PSF1/375PE2 x TCWB74.006.5PVCBrown
390PS1303PSF1/375PE2 x TCWB74.006.5PVCRed
390PS1306PSF1/375PE2 x TCWB74.006.5PVCViolet
390PS1310PSF1/375PE2 x TCWB74.006.5PVCGreen
390PS13HPSF1/375PE2 x TCWB74.006.5LSHFCream
390PS13H01PSF1/375PE2 x TCWB74.006.5LSHFBlue
390PS16PSF1/675PE2 x PCWB44.005.2PVCBlack
390PS19PSF1/975PECTCWB PCWB160.0011.2PURRed