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TruSound Snake Cable

Snake cables are multicore audio cables usually linking a number of individual microphone cables or audio feeds back to the mixing desk. Ideal for either fixed installation in permanent venues or for temporary installations when the cables will be coiled up and stored after the show.

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Part No.Pairs x AWGStanding No. x mmWeight kg/kmO/D mmColour
TSSN0108Q8 x 2 x 287/0.127255.0015.1BLACK
TSSN02022 x 2 x 247/0.2068.008.1BLACK
TSSN02044 x 2 x 247/0.2096.008.9BLACK
TSSN02088 x 2 x 247/0.20183.0012.1BLACK
TSSN021212 x 2 x 247/0.20243.0014.3BLACK
TSSN021616 x 2 x 247/0.20319.0016.6BLACK
TSSN022020 x 2 x 247/0.20420.0019.0BLACK
TSSN022424 x 2 x 247/0.20486.0022.1BLACK
TSSN023232 x 2 x 247/0.20610.0024.3BLACK
TSSN024040 x 2 x 247/0.20780.0025.8BLACK