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TruSound Multicore Circular Speaker Cable

Designed for the professional, these multicore speaker cables are extremely flexible due to the high rate of twist and the insulation and jacket materials used. Ideal for winding on and off drums, they even remain flexible at low temperatures, making rigging easier.

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Part No.Cores x mm²Standing No. x mmWeight kg/kmSheath MaterialO/D mmTest VoltageColour
TruSound LSHF Multicore Speaker Cables
TSS01502H2 x 1.530/0.2575.00LSHF7.02KVBLACK
TSS02502H2 x 2.550/0.2590.00LSHF7.62KVBLACK
TSS02504H4 x 2.550/0.25175.00LSHF8.82KVBLACK
TSS02508H8 x 2.550/0.25300.00LSHF12.82KVBLACK
TSS04002H2 x 4.056/0.30170.00LSHF10.52KVBLACK
TSS04004H4 x 4.056/0.30265.00LSHF13.02KVBLACK
TSS06002H2 x 6.084/0.30170.00LSHF10.62KVBLACK
TruSound PVC Multicore Speaker Cables
TSS015022 x 1.530/0.2575.00PVC7.02KVBLACK
TSS015044 x 1.530/0.25120.00PVC8.02KVBLACK
TSS025022 x 2.550/0.2590.00PVC7.52KVBLACK
TSS025044 x 2.550/0.25175.00PVC9.82KVBLACK
TSS025088 x 2.550/0.25330.00PVC14.02KVBLACK
TSS040022 x 4.056/0.30170.00PVC10.52KVBLACK
TSS040044 x 4.056/0.30265.00PVC13.02KVBLACK
TSS040088 x 4.056/0.30495.00PVC18.52KVBLACK

Colour Code:   1. Red   2. Blue   3. Black   4. White 

Cables with 7 cores and above are number coded.