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TruSound Microphone Cable

Microphone cables come in many shapes and sizes. Super flexibility even at low temperatures is achieved through the use of a special insulation and highly flexible cotton fillers to maintain constant capacitance and avoid noise when the cable flexes.

The spiral copper shield or braid offers excellent screening while remaining flexible and providing mechanical support.

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Part No.Cores x mm²Standing No. x mmWeight kg/kmO/D mmColour
TSM020202 x 0.2228/0.1045.005.9BLACK
TSM020404 x 0.2228/0.1055.006.5BLACK
TSM030202 x 0.3440/0.1052.006.0BLACK
TSM030404 x 0.3440/0.1064.006.2BLACK
TSM050202 x 0.528/0.1565.006.7BLACK
TSM050404 x 0.528/0.1575.007.2BLACK