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Armouring, Braiding & Screening

To provide additional protection to cables used in direct burial or exposed applications a range of armouring options are available:

GSWA – Galvanised Steel Wire Armour

This traditional style of armour is widely used on direct burial cables and infrastructure applications. The helically wrapped steel wires provide the ultimate protection against penetration from heavy impact.

Once armoured the cable will be sheath in PVC, LSHF or PE to suit your application.

GSWB – Galvanised Steel Wire Braid

If you need mechanical protection and flexibility a galvanised steel braid armour provides the solution. This style of armouring is particularly suited to the offshore industry where wiring is often in confined spaces.

The cable can be finished in a wide range of materials including SHF2 elastomer, LSHF thermoplastic, PVC, PUR to name a few.

SSWB – Stainless Steel Wire Braid

Stainless steel braids are used for protection on high temperature cables between 200°C to 300°C. The can also be used for specialist applications in the offshore industry where increased corrosion is a risk.

The high temperature cables are sheathed in a fluoropolymer material to suit the application and the offshore cables often use a halogen free elastomeric compound.

TCWB – Tinned Copper Wire Braid

High density braids of tinned copper provide good electrical screening without compromising flexibility. They can be combined with aluminium tapes to provide a dual screen for use in high EMI environments.

Tinned copper braids are also used as a mechanical armour in the marine/offshore industry to meet the Norwegian NEK606 standard. We can armour cables using 0.3mm wires to create a high density braid to meet these requirements and provide good EMI screening at the same time. The cables are normally sheathed with LSHF elastomer or thermoplastic however if you have a preferred compound please let us know at time of enquiry.

Most of the above services have minimum production quantities of 100 metres and very short manufacture times providing you with the cable you need, when you need it, at a competitive price.

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