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The high performance, ultra low loss coaxial cable.

Antennax is the new range of high performance, ultra low loss coaxial cables designed to carry signals from a transmitter to an antenna, aerial or dish. Developed for microwave, satellite and mobile phone masts, these cables are manufactured and tested to 6GHz to ensure optimum levels of performance.

These cables are suitable for jumper or patch assemblies in RF communication systems, antenna feeder runs and installations where routing requires compact, flexible low loss coaxial cable, many can replace standard RG cables where low loss and high performance are required.

The foil and braid screen delivers high levels of electrical protection while the foamed dielectric and flexible outer jacket ensure that bending and handling characteristics are not compromised.

Stocked in LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) and LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) these cables are ideal for both internal and external installations. The LDPE version offers long life expectancy and weatherability, ideal for runs clipped to masts or towers with a high degree of exposure.

The LSHF version offers protection where the evacuation of people or property in the event of fire is critical. A range of high quality N type and other connectors to suit Antennax are also available.

For more information on the Antennax range including connectors, request your free guide by clicking here.

As well as providing technical characteristics and performance figures for the cable range the handy guide details the appropriate connectors you need when specifying.

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