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Hydraulic Cutters

Hydraulic cutters are an easy way of cutting large or medium sized copper or aluminium cables. They are particularly useful when working in confined spaces such as panels, transformers or trenches where there may not be sufficient room to use conventional cutters or where the physical force required to cut the cable is too great.

Extensively used on site where cutting large armoured cables safely and with minimal effort is required.

YHC600 and YHC630 feature hardened blades to cut most types of telecom, power (including SWA) and large flexible cables. Competitively priced and complete with a steel case these cutters are ideal for use on site.

YHC560 and YHC680 features a flip-open cutter head for quick and easy cutting, and a rotatable head for cutting at any angle. Their cutters have a two stage hydraulic action for faster cutting and either automatic or manual pressure release at the end or during the cut cycle.

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Part No.DescriptionCutting Force (Tonnes)Cutting Force (KN)Cutting RangeLength (mm)
YH680YH680 Hand Operated Hydraulic Cutter 6085680
YHC560YHC560 Hand Operated Hydraulic Cutter 6045560
YHC600YHC600 Hand Operated Hydraulic Cutter12 40600
YHC630YHC630 Hand Operated Hydraulic Cutter12 45630