E1We ATEX Glands

A wide range of hazardous area glands are available with ATEX approval including cost effective plastic types and high quality turned brass units. The glands provide various levels of increased safety protection through rubber seals and special designed threads. All are marked with the ATEX logo and safety levels for ease of identification. To achieve the IP rating shown an additional washer may be required if the enclosure or panel is not threaded. If you are not sure please ask at time of enquiry.

We can also supply gland kits complete with accessories and aluminium glands for terminating AWA type armours. Stainless steel glands are also available for specialist applications. Always use a gland with a maximum size closest to the diameter of the cable so the gland only has to compress a minimal amount.

Reducers, enlargers and convertors are available to alter the gland thread size. These can be supplied in metal or plastic to fit pre threaded enclosures or equipment.

Adaptors are also available to change one type of thread to another. Combinations include ISO metric, NPT and PG.


 IP66 rated hazardous area glands that terminate the armour and provide a seal on the inner and outer sheath of the cable.

-60°C to +130°C. Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22 - Gas groups IIA, IIB, IIC. Ex d, Ex e & Ex nR rated.

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Part No.DescriptionThread ISO (mm)Bedding Dia. Min.Bedding Dia. Max.O/D Min (mm)O/D Max (mm)Brass LocknutPVC ShroudLSF ShroudEarth Tag
GE1WEM20SSE1We 20S/16203.18.76.1011.50GLBM20PVC04LSF04GET20
GE1WEM20SE1We 20S206.111.79.5015.90GLBM20PVC04LSF04GET20
GE1WEM20E1We 20206.514.012.5020.90GLBM20PVC06LSF06GET20
GE1WEM25SE1We 25S2511.119.914.0022.00GLBM25PVC09LSF09GET25
GE1WEM25E1We 252511.120.018.2026.20GLBM25PVC09LSF09GET25
GE1WEM32E1We 323217.026.323.7033.90GLBM32PVC11LSF11GET32
GE1WEM40E1We 404022.032.227.9040.40GLBM40PVC15LSF15GET40
GE1WEM50SE1We 50S5029.538.235.2046.70GLBM50PVC18LSF18GET50
GE1WEM63SE1We 63S6340.150.045.6059.40GLBM63PVC23LSF23GET63
GE1WEM63E1We 636347.256.054.6065.90GLBM63PVC25LSF25GET63
GE1WEM75SE1We 75S7552.862.059.0072.10GLBM75PVC28LSF28GET75
GE1WEM75E1We 757559.168.066.7078.50GLBM75PVC30LSF30GET75
GE1WEM90E1We 909066.680.076.2090.40GLBM90PVC32LSF32GET90
GE1WEM100E1We 10010076.091.089.10101.50GLBM100PVC150LSF150GET100
GE1WEM115E1We 11511586.098.0101.30110.30GLBM115PVC180LSF180GET115
GE1WEM130E1We 13013097.0115.0114.00123.30GLBM130PVC180LSF180GET130